Angelina Ngo

Throughout her early childhood, Angelina Ngo (pronounced “Oh”) had shown a genuine interest in music and was fortunate to have the opportunity to develop her musical and artistic talents in different areas including voice, dance, music and art. She started studying piano at the age of 3, and competed in various piano competitions. Angelina believes that students should “have fun when learning something new, but also understand the importance of hard-work and discipline needed in order to have fun.” Each student is different, but she enjoys the challenge of recognizing things that speak to a particular student and catering to each student’s personal experience and quirks to bring the best music learning experience possible. With younger students, she likes to employ simple games and singing songs that solidify basic musical concepts, while with older students, she loves to discuss the history and development of music through the years, bringing to life the people behind the music. “Mozart is my absolute favorite composer!… though I do enjoy listening to music of all genres. I love picking out things in “pop” music and explaining how the same structures that make that music work developed over the years.” Angelina enjoys playing solo performances, but “nothing beats working with other musicians to make music.” Angelina is a member of the NPM (National Association of Pastoral Musicians) and the AGO (American Guild of Organists).

EMAIL   angelina.angie.oh@gmail.com
WEBSITE   http://www.angelina-ngo.com


Viktoriya Varpakhovich

A native of Moldova, Russia, Viktoriya moved to New York as a freshman in High School and started attending the “fame” school, F. H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art & Performing Arts as a Visual Arts major. A lover of all art forms (she also plays piano), Viktoriya specializes in pencil sketches, canvas oil painting, still life, portraits and landscapes. Viktoriya has always appreciated the beauty of everything around her since she was a young child and loves the opportunity to show fellow artists of all ages ways they can express their own creative views of the world using various mediums. She is a loving mother of a beautiful baby boy and also serves our country as a Staff Sergeant in the US Army.

EMAIL   zauberartsinfo@gmail.com
WEBSITE   http://www.zauberarts.com/